For Institutions

Storied Legacy Films for Institutions are a powerful expression of gratitude from universities to major donors and their families: a unique opportunity to cultivate the inspiration to give within the community.

Our creative team makes engaging documentaries from carefully crafted interviews with our subject and up to six additional community members (family, friends, colleagues, administration officials). We use archival photos and video to supplement the unfolding life story and compose original music rooted in time and place.

Spending a few days on location, our team will preserve a donor’s stories, values, and affection for the university. Each film is edited into two compelling editions both of which advance essential development goals:

Edit 1 – A longer “Thank You” film (20-45 minutes) for the donor and donor’s family – a lasting appreciation of a life well lived in the service of others.

Edit 2 – A shorter tribute film (5-7 minutes) for the university to use at celebrations, dedications, and development/alumni events and relevant social media.

Storied Legacy seeks to radically impact the relationship between major donors and institutional stakeholders. We want to support, encourage, and inspire healthy giving and mutual appreciation.

A Storied Legacy Film is an investment in donor cultivation that will pay dividends for decades to come.