Curate the essential stories of life to create new narrative, meaning, connections, and value for our clients:

  • by protecting legacy assets;
  • by preserving the spirit of ideas, recollections, moments, and events;
  • by projecting an authentic and personal vision of what matters as legacy; and
  • by placing in virtual space a faithful and enduring evocation of what is valued most as a living legacy.

 We listen.  We respond.  We create.

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We all know people whose stories need to be preserved

Clients Testimonials

David Gergen

“During a recent family reunion with my three brothers we thought it would be a nice opportunity to reflect back on collective experiences growing up in Durham, NC. As the stories flowed, I was thrilled that we were able to capture the moment on film - and was even more gratified when we saw the high quality production. Storied Legacy's professionalism helped create a gift for our family that will be great to share with future generations."