What We Do

At Storied Legacy, we aspire to reconnect individuals, families, organizations and communities with what too often is an unwieldy and diverse collection of treasurable thoughts, memories, accomplishments, life experiences, and culture that we collectively value as legacy assets. Our work begins by Protecting and curating these legacy assets in two-dimensional (2-D) form (pictures, letters, documents,
certificates, etc.) We also Preserve and curate moments and conversations that our clients may already have in three-dimensional (3-D) form (videos, film reels, voice memos, audio recordings, etc.)

In doing so, our Protect and Preserve efforts create a unique opportunity for our clients to be inspired and Project a collective and narrative meaning from their legacy assets. We are uniquely qualified to help inspire our clients to tell these stories, and Project distinctive and articulate expressions of their unfolding legacy.

The culmination of our work is to create a living legacy Place on the web for each of our clients. We Place the curated legacy assets of our clients in cyberspace and help grow the site over time. We view creating and evolving this “Place” as the characteristic feature of Storied Legacy. This legacy home allows our clients and others to share, interact, and connect with legacy assets in new and unexpected ways.

Through Place, our clients find new meaning and new value; and perhaps, answers to questions yet to be asked.
Our Vision: “Weaving the future from our fleeting past.”

We curate the essential stories of your life to create new narrative, meaning, connections, and value for our clients:

  • by protecting legacy assets;
  • by preserving the spirit of ideas, recollections, moments, and events;
  • by projecting an authentic and personal vision of what matters as legacy; and
  • by placing in virtual space a faithful and enduring evocation of what is valued most as a living legacy.